Slieve League

We’ve had a couple nice days recently so we ventured out for some hikes. On Tuesday we wandered to Slieve League on the North Western coast of Ireland and on Wednesday to Slieve Bearnagh in the North East. In both cases we started on an adventure, not where we expected to be. Signage and/or google maps is sometimes not pointing in the right direction or not as evident as one would hope to stay on the path you expect to be.

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Drunk in Porto

Made a new friend in Porto today with a friendly yell. While on detour to the bakery this morning Rachel and I came across a guy yelling from the bridge to the City of Porto. Over and over “PORTO!!!! PORRRRRRRTOOOOOOO!!!!! POOOOORRRRRRRRTOOOOOOOOO!!!!!“. At first he didn’t think much of anybody else on the bridge. I chose to yell with him a couple times and he seemed to really enjoy that and called out to us then that he liked us, and “PORTOOOOOO!”

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