Over the past couple of weeks we’ve gone from Ireland to Spain to ultimately settle in Romania which will be our home for April-May of 2018. I’d been curious in Romania for some time. In 2000 when I wandered around Europe, Tara, with whom I was travelling wanted to go to Transylvania. We called my brother from another mother, Wiktor, in Poland. He thought, since we were two, young, mostly monolingual Americans (I think Tara spoke some French) without the knowledege of who to bribe and when, that we might be better off wandering to Croatia where he could link us up with some friends of his. This time around Rachel and I have done a fair amount of travelling and Romania has changed, a lot, in the past 20 years but more on that later, now back to Ireland.

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I first wandered to Prague in 1998. It was my first international trip. My friend, Trisha, was going to Europe with her sister, Tara, and were going to visit our mutual friend and my Polish host brother, Wiktor. Contrary to my insisting it wasn’t possible, Trisha convinced me I was going. I happen to have large feet. This was helpful because how the hell was a poor college student like myself at that time going to muster the money to make it happen.

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New Year's, Zagreb

While a popular techno DJ playing at an arena a short uber ride away tempted us, we were luckily steered away by some DJ friends we made when in Portugal. We decided to wander to the main square (Ban Josip Jelačić) where we were able to enjoy some regional music. After much freezing we decided to wander home and watched one of the craziest fireworks shows we’ve ever witnessed. We’re currently renting an apartment on the 16th floor of a building which is about a 20 minute walk South West of the main square of the Old Town and we have good views of the North and West sides of the building.

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