Drunk in Porto

Made a new friend in Porto today with a friendly yell. While on detour to the bakery this morning Rachel and I came across a guy yelling from the bridge to the City of Porto. Over and over “PORTO!!!! PORRRRRRRTOOOOOOO!!!!! POOOOORRRRRRRRTOOOOOOOOO!!!!!“. At first he didn’t think much of anybody else on the bridge. I chose to yell with him a couple times and he seemed to really enjoy that and called out to us then that he liked us, and “PORTOOOOOO!”

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New Year's, Zagreb

While a popular techno DJ playing at an arena a short uber ride away tempted us, we were luckily steered away by some DJ friends we made when in Portugal. We decided to wander to the main square (Ban Josip Jelačić) where we were able to enjoy some regional music. After much freezing we decided to wander home and watched one of the craziest fireworks shows we’ve ever witnessed. We’re currently renting an apartment on the 16th floor of a building which is about a 20 minute walk South West of the main square of the Old Town and we have good views of the North and West sides of the building.

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After our daily trip to the Dolac market we randomly decided to to wander up a, seemingly, dead end street. While it was a dead end for cars, for pedestrians, it lead up to a bluff with another small market as well as an elevator. Similar to though much more modern than the Fenelon Pl. Elevator (for you readers from Dubuque). On our way down the other side of the bluff we saw a door open into the bluff.

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It Begins

As we started our adventure many asked if we would write a blog. Rachel nor I are writers so we figured we’d do somewhat of a photo blog on Instagram. We haven’t been all that good about doing that either. Also, now 2 months into this nomadic lifestyle, I realized I’d like to be able to easily retain all content I post. With that said I’ll try to post enough to retain some interest.

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