I first wandered to Prague in 1998. It was my first international trip. My friend, Trisha, was going to Europe with her sister, Tara, and were going to visit our mutual friend and my Polish host brother, Wiktor. Contrary to my insisting it wasn’t possible, Trisha convinced me I was going. I happen to have large feet. This was helpful because how the hell was a poor college student like myself at that time going to muster the money to make it happen.

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After our daily trip to the Dolac market we randomly decided to to wander up a, seemingly, dead end street. While it was a dead end for cars, for pedestrians, it lead up to a bluff with another small market as well as an elevator. Similar to though much more modern than the Fenelon Pl. Elevator (for you readers from Dubuque). On our way down the other side of the bluff we saw a door open into the bluff.

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It Begins

As we started our adventure many asked if we would write a blog. Rachel nor I are writers so we figured we’d do somewhat of a photo blog on Instagram. We haven’t been all that good about doing that either. Also, now 2 months into this nomadic lifestyle, I realized I’d like to be able to easily retain all content I post. With that said I’ll try to post enough to retain some interest.

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